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Not Available

1990 (OH'd in 2003) R22 Beta

$99,000 Listing # 260E

1048 TSOH*

Exterior Base: Blue.  Exterior Trim: White.  (Note: N-Numbers and Logo are Taped On).  Interior: Gray Velour.  Fire ExtinguisherVertical Card Compass.  2 Bubble Windows.  Artificial Horizon (INOP).  Directional Gyro (INOP).  Slip-Skid Indicator.  Garmin 420 GPS/Com.  Garmin GTX 327 TransponderNorthern Airborne Tech AA83-100 Audio Controller.  Note: Headsets. Flight Helmet, and Ground Handling Wheels shown in photos not included in sale.

FACTORY OVERHAULED IN 2003 @ 2191.8 Hrs.

-4 MRBs INSTALLED IN 2005 @ 2290.1 Hrs.

-2 TRBs INSTALLED IN 2008 @ 2889.9 Hrs.

*Approximate Hours as of September 2, 2016 (3240 TTSN).

Last Annual/100 Hour Inspection performed: December, 2015.

All applicable ADs and SBs current through December, 2016 except for RHC SB-109 (Fuel Bladders) and SB-111 (Ammeter Circuit Fuse Protection).


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