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*2001 (Nov) R22

Beta II

$159,000 Listing # 440E

TT 259 Hrs*

Exterior Base: White. Trim: Green.  Interior: Tan Velour.  Vertical Card Compass.  Artificial Horizon with Slip/Skid Indicator. King Com.  King Transponder.  King KLN94 GPS.  Cabin Heater/Defogger.  2 David Clark Headsets.  JPI Fuel Flow Meter # FS-450.

*Approximate hours as of August 13, 2012.

 "-4" Main Rotor Blades installed in February, 2006 @ 221 hours.

  Last Annual Inspection October, 2009.

  All ADs performed through October, 2009.

  All SBs performed through SB-98.


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